Navigating Change

Are you struggling to adapt to a new normal? Undergoing major life changes that you did not anticipate? I can help with practical support for navigating life transitions including career change, moving, divorce, and relationship changes. This differs from psychotherapy in that a coaching approach is hands-on with practical advice and strategies for getting back to thriving when change is hard. With a counseling background that includes working with survivors of abuse and interpersonal violence, as well as experience with grief counseling, I am able to approach these topics in trauma- and grief-informed ways as needed.

This includes support in challenging situations such as:

  • Finding a way forward during and after divorce particularly related to belongings, physical spaces, and ways to implement consistency and solutions for helping kids cope.
  • Transforming and reclaiming spaces, areas of life, or belongings that have negative associations.
  • Intentionally creating new ways of approaching life after major changes, including after the end of a relationship.
  • With compassion, thinking through belongings and spaces when you’ve lost a loved one and are feeling ready to approach this.


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