Artist Interview – Carly Beck

Join me for a fun and meaningful conversation with NY-based artist and fashion designer Carly Beck. We discuss Carly’s career path in fashion and then art, how she now blends the two, and her thoughts on a creative life.



In this video you’ll hear about:

  • Carly’s story as an artist and fashion designer, including working for Diane von Furstenberg and others (2:10)
  • Starting her own handbag line (3:25)
  • Beginning to paint (5:50)
  • Wallpaper collaborations (7:00)
  • Animals in Carly’s art (7:40)
  • Carly’s incredible pet portraits (9:00)
  • Grief, continuing bonds, and memorial pet portraits (9:40)
  • Starting with the eyes as the key point of connection in pet portraits (10:40)
  • Carly’s process for capturing the essence of a pet based on small tidbits of information (11:10)
  • Painting settings: Influences and process (11:55)
  • Mostly dog portraits requested (where are the cat people!) (14:40)
  • Life transitions and filling a void in the process of becoming an artist (17:12)
  • Art and beauty as forces of healing and wellbeing in selfcare (18:50)
  • Noticing details in the world (19:48) -Being an artist during the pandemic (23:13)
  • Newly completed portrait today and more on details of this work (25:15)
  • Beauty Junkie series and mindfulness (26:05)
  • Sustainability in products and art (26:45)
  • Advice for artists starting out (31:05)
  • Getting started as an artist (32:35)
  • Collaborations to get your work out there (33:08)
  • Importance of a support network for doing creative work, importance of staying connected with friends during pandemic (34:15)
  • How to move forward as an artist when you feel stuck (35:25)

Learn more about Carly and her art here:

Instagram: @thisiscarlybeck and @cab_collection

Painting by Carly Beck featured at the start and end of the video: Table Hopping at Bemelmans, 18 x 18” acrylic on canvas, commissioned.