Artist Interview – Virginia María Romero

I was so grateful for this opportunity to interview the remarkable visionary artist Virginia María Romero, “painter of primal voices.” Virginia has works in public and museum permanent collections as well as numerous private collections throughout the United States and abroad. In this in-depth conversation, Virginia shares her story as an artist, describes the process of creating her pigmented wood works (retablos), and shares how her experiences inform her art. She also describes her connection with wildlife and nature, and talks about the meaning of her work as an artist advocate for animals. Please join me for this fascinating and meaningful conversation including a “virtual tour” of works in Virginia’s home.



In this video you’ll hear about:


• Virginia’s story as an artist in her own words (1:15)

• Beginning to paint retablos to maintain a connection with mother after her mother’s sudden death; starting with a visit to Tortugas (3:40)

• Virginia’s journey with painting retablos including learning the process and making her own pigments and varnish from natural materials (6:40)

• Making and using piñon sap varnish and the effect of it (9:30)

• Virginia’s path back to her Polish-American and Irish-American heritage (12:53)

• The sense of peace and calm conveyed by figures in Virginia’s art (16:20)

• When people try to define or categorize your art (17:15)

• Virtual art tour in Virginia’s home (20:00)

• Meanings behind the motif of bars in Crossing Boundaries and other works (22:20)

• “2020,” the painting (25:15)

• Using earth pigments and natural substances (ochre, ash, piñon sap) (26:55)

• Working with Project Coyote as an artist advocate (28:20)

• Changing the narrative of how we can coexist with animals, including consulting with the animals (30:00)

• Changing beliefs over time; “life is change” (32:55)

• Trying to work with materials from nature without exploitation (34:45)

• Art as documentation of an accumulated experience (36:25)

• Making the world a little better through art: Serenity 2 and the healing power of art (38:50)

• Being a woman and having a voice (40:40)

• Advice for artists starting out (42:15)

• Animals and the sacred (47:15)

• Trusting your own process; the wordless message of art (48:09)

• Connecting with animals in the wild (52:15)

Featured art: CROSSING BOUNDARIES panel #4 ©2020 Virginia María Romero acrylic on canvas 20″ x 16”

Learn more about Virginia María Romero and her art here:…

@virginia.maria.romero (Instagram)