Author Interview – Andy Kutler

Join me for a meaningful in-depth conversation with award winning author Andy Kutler. We discuss Andy’s two novels, The Batter’s Box and The Other Side of Life; his journey as an author; finding meaning in the creative process; and key techniques that have helped him succeed.



In this video you’ll hear about:

• Andy’s story as a writer (1:50)

• On writing historical fiction (5:50)

• Processing grief through writing after the sudden loss of a loved one; exploring what happens after death (6:20)

• The unique premise and multiple settings of The Other Side of Life (7:30)

• Readers relating to the grief experience in this book (9:40)

• The Batter’s Box: inspiration from a WWII veteran and POW (13:15)

• Untold stories of post-traumatic stress in the World War II generation (16:00)

• Baseball in the World War II era: when major league players go to war (17:40)

• Onsite research: Washington, DC and Belgium, making settings come alive (22:35)

• How do you know when you have a workable idea for a book? Trial and error and course corrections in the writing process (27:47)

• “Aha moments:” capturing fleeting ideas, trusting instincts (30:35)

• Writing/workspace conditions (33:05)

• Time management: writing while working another job (35:12)

• The long hard road to getting published (38:43)

• Andy’s current projects: moving forward with a newly completed novel (modern day political drama for idealists) and working on a comprehensive guide to World War II for young adults. (44:15)

More about Andy’s books:

The Batter’s Box received the Military Writer’s Society of America Gold Medal Award. In this novel of baseball, war, and love, Will Jamison, a star baseball player for the Washington Senators, enlists in the U.S. Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The story follows him through his harrowing wartime experience and home again where he struggles to reclaim his place on the field and reconnect with the woman he loves.

The Other Side of Life received awards in military and war fiction categories from both the Independent Publisher Book Awards and the Foreword Magazine INDIEFAB Awards. The story begins as a Naval officer in World War II tragically loses his young daughter and is on the verge of losing hope himself. The Other Side of Life takes readers on an unexpected journey through both World War II and the Civil War era, exploring themes of grief, separation, reunion, friendship, love, and war. This sweeping novel is a compelling journey to understand experiences of life and death.

Find Andy and more information about his books here:

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