Getting Organized: Life Patterns and Physical Spaces

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or uninspired? Is there a space just feels wrong but you don’t know why? A supportive, caring outside perspective can help with these issues. Small changes to life patterns and spaces can make a big difference, and success builds upon success. 

My approach to spaces is not one of seeking perfection. Spotless, perfectly-organized spaces don’t necessarily feel attainable or comfortable. I work with clients by considering the needs of the individual or family, how the space can be used well in a way that flows with life patterns, and what is meaningful and inspiring. 

The health and state of our physical spaces is tied to our physical and emotional state and health. These factors feed one another. Sometimes the reason we’re having an issue with a space may relate to something bigger going on in our emotional life. And sometimes our space doesn’t support our health but we struggle to find a solution. I can walk with you as a helpful partner in addressing these challenges. 

We can work together to:

  • Implement new approaches to time management, focus, and productivity.
  • Assess what is weighing down or obstructing the flow of what your life could be.
  • Face dreaded projects like that garage or storage unit that hasn’t been touched in ages.
  • Change the dynamic when belongings seem to be overtaking your space.
  • Problem-solve trouble areas.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to free up your time and space for quality time with loved ones and the passions that make you come alive.


Let’s Go!

Elizabeth’s partnership has been so helpful and encouraging to me as I face the disorganized areas in my home. She inspires me to consider how to create meaning in a given space, clearing out what doesn’t belong and adding in what will bring me joy and peace. This creative and personal approach is working better for me than anything else I have tried over the years!

-Janine, Organizing Client