Let’s work together to create a new story in your life!

My areas of focus include:

  • helping empaths and sensitive, intuitive people stop feeling overwhelmed and learn to embrace their gifts in order to flourish
  • supporting fellow helping professionals seeking greater awareness and coping skills for how the energy of others and the work environment affects them
  • using dreamwork to gain a new understanding of purpose and possibility
  • assisting in bringing forth creative projects 
  • supporting those navigating major life changes
  • working with physical spaces and life patterns to find new order, clarity, and wellbeing

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Elizabeth Harvey, MA



Elizabeth has become a trusted, creative sounding board and editor for all of my writing, including both of my award-winning books. Her insights and suggestions have resulted in countless course corrections and much skillful sharpening of my ideas and words. Cannot recommend her services enough!

– Andy Kutler, award-winning author of The Batter’s Box and The Other Side of Life 

I was entering a big art show and needed my proposal to be professional looking. Asking Ms. Harvey to help me was a step in the right direction; after all I am an artist, not a writer. Her knowledge of documentation was so useful. Thanks to her skills, my proposal turned into an acceptance into the show!

– C., Fine Art Painter

Elizabeth’s partnership has been so helpful and encouraging to me as I face the disorganized areas in my home. She inspires me to consider how to create meaning in a given space, clearing out what doesn’t belong and adding in what will bring me joy and peace. This creative and personal approach is working better for me than anything else I have tried over the years!

– Janine, Organizing Client


Elizabeth Harvey, MA

Coach and Consultant


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