I started Organizing Force because I can’t help but see the life-giving transformations that are possible for people, spaces, and work. It is said that above every blade of grass is an angel whispering, “Grow!” We each have the ability to recognize and embrace this energy of growth and renewal. My goal is to walk with you as a partner in this, empowering you to find new order, clarity, creativity, and wellbeing in your life. I hope that in our work together you will begin a new way of seeing things, one that includes the potential for transformation in daily patterns, physical spaces, and the work you do.

I often turn to a storytelling framework in this work. A clue to living in harmony with ourselves and others can be how any given situation, project, or life decision fits with our true story of self at its best. This can apply to working with physical spaces, using time, embarking on a creative journey, and working through major life decisions. Do negative messages of the past shape your story in a limiting way? What new part of you is ready to emerge? I look forward to hearing your story and exploring together the new chapters that are ready to unfold. 




Elizabeth Harvey, MA, LMHC

Coach and Consultant




Elizabeth has become a trusted, creative sounding board and editor for all of my writing, including both of my award-winning books. Her insights and suggestions have resulted in countless course corrections and much skillful sharpening of my ideas and words. Cannot recommend her services enough!

– Andy Kutler, award-winning author of The Batter’s Box and The Other Side of Life 

I was entering a big art show and needed my proposal to be professional looking. Asking Ms. Harvey to help me was a step in the right direction; after all I am an artist, not a writer. Her knowledge of documentation was so useful. Thanks to her skills, my proposal turned into an acceptance into the show!

– C., Fine Art Painter

Elizabeth’s partnership has been so helpful and encouraging to me as I face the disorganized areas in my home. She inspires me to consider how to create meaning in a given space, clearing out what doesn’t belong and adding in what will bring me joy and peace. This creative and personal approach is working better for me than anything else I have tried over the years!

– Janine, Organizing Client


Elizabeth Harvey, MA, LMHC

Coach and Consultant


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